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Insurance Adjustment Inspections

Storms are something we all face at one time or another... How you deal with the aftermath is most important!

Property catastrophes are one of the most stressful things a person can go through, the last thing an insurance company wants to do is to fight with a policy holder over a claim, yet at the same time its important to not be gouched by high priced contractors or worse settle an invalid claim which does nothing more then drive insurance cost up for everybody.

As a licensed general contractor with over 30 years of actual hands on experience in virtually every phase of construction, Realty Inspection Services can assist you with your estimates or help in making a determination if a component or system needs repair, replaced or still functions as intended and only needs cleaning.

Whether your needing an evaluation or price on a home that has fire damage or an expert opinion on hail damage, we can help. Insuring that a claim is legitimate is a win / win situation not only for your company but for your policy holders as well, call us with any questions you may have.


It is worth it to dry to salvage this home and at what cost?

We know the answer to both questions and can help.

We have our own software that can accurately and quickly answer those questions.







Many times a roofer will call us to help them determine if their is actually hail damage for which they truly want to know so they can be honest with their client.

In numerous cases we have had roofers wanting us to assist them in helping them file a claim for their client yet when we inspected the roof we were able to determine that damage on the roof was actually man made and not weather related.



This picture was a recent case where 2 claims adjusters and 1 roofing contractor (friend of adjuster) told the policy holder their roof was fine, just old. The owner contacted us and we did an official inspection where upon we found the roof had extensive hail damage that added up to over $16,000.00 including moisture infiltration that the owner was not aware of.

We did not bad mouth the insurance company but simply assisted the owner in how to proceed with the problem. In the end the insurance company apologized for the misunderstanding and settled the claim.

While we can not guarantee the insurance company will settle, as of this date we have yet to have an insurance company totally deny claims our clients submit.

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