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5 Ways to Ensure You Hire the Right Home Inspector

  1. Get a home inspection from the owner of the company

    Realty Inspection Services, llc is not a large franchise inspection company that offers under priced inspection services and then sends out employees with very little experience in the home building industry.

    The fact is that no one will work harder for you than the owner of the company! I believe that the success of my business depends on whether I exceed your expectations of quality and professionalism each and every time. You simply won't get that level of service from "employee inspectors!"  So be sure to get an inspection from the owner of the company because, like me, he has a vested interest in ensuring your total satisfaction!

  2. Education & Training

    Does the other inspector have actual working knowledge in the home building industry? I have 30 plus years of actual hands on knowledge plus I have completed thousands of hours of continued education courses. The majority of home inspectors have little or no working knowledge in the building industry, they often lower their fee in order to compete with the few who are knowledgeable.  They are also notorious for emailing or calling other inspectors, like myself, and asking some of the most rudimentary questions about a recent inspection they've performed.

    Clearly, if it were not for advanced marketing strategies, they would not remain in business very long... aside from the pure blind-luck that has kept them from being sued.

    The dirty little secret on becoming a contractor or inspector

    How do these inexperienced and unknowledgable "inspectors" get licensed?  Very easily! The inadequate regulations of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board along with the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors offer a General Contractors License in return for completing a 1 day seminar. They then offer a Home Inspectors License for successfully completing another 2 day seminar and test.

    Currently, the NC Home Inspector Licensing Board is attempting to resolve this problem. However they have not addressed the thousands of home inspectors who are not realistically qualified to be licensed in the first place.

    For a cheap home inspection, you should call my underpriced competitors. However, I would like to emphasize two points:

    A.  My fees are very competitive and not overpriced.

    B.  You are paying for more than just 3 or 4 hours of service. You are also paying for the 30 years of experience behind my service. Would you rather have an intern fresh out of medical school operate on you or have an experienced and well trained doctor? Your home is one of the most expensive investments you will ever make, be wise when choosing someone to inspect it.

  3. The Inspection Report

    The top home inspectors today don't produce handwritten reports. Our reports are formatted in a checklist / narrative computerized printable style that make it easier to read and to understand. Items that need immediate attention are listed on our summary page while other informative information is put within the body of the report.  We do ask though that our reports be read in their entirety.  Our reports actually exceed the North Carolina Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. You can download these standards here.

    Ask for a sample inspection report so you'll know what you can expect for your time and money.

  4. Ask To See What Other Home Buyers Have Said About The Inspector

    Our reputation speaks for itself so we gladly provide referrals. We strive to ensure that there is a lasting trust between you and our company.

  5. Check to see if the inspector is a certified InterNachi home inspector.

    Knowing that the state requirements are not where they should be, we searched for a certifying organization whose reputation speaks for itself, one whose requirements are very stringent.  InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) met our requirements.  They reject close to 60% of all applicants (view the report). Those who are good enough to be certified must continually further their knowledge and annually pass extensive testing requirements. They don't allow wannabe's in through some sort of "candidate program" as some organizations do.

InterNACHI Certification


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