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Pre-Listing Inspections


Before you put your home on the market, you may want to seriously consider the benefits of having it inspected by me, a InterNachi Certified Home Inspector.


We offer a Move In Certified Inspection that many have found to be advantageous.



Here are multiple reason to have your home inspected prior to listing:

  1. It helps alert the seller of any item of immediate personal concern.
  2. The report can help the seller realistically price the home if problems exist.
  3. The report can also help the seller substantiate a higher asking price if problems don't exist or have been corrected.
  4. Revealing any problems ahead of time give the seller time to make repairs and shop for contractors.
  5. Provides a third party unbiased opinion to offer potential buyers.
  6. Realty Inspection Services, will upload the report at as a marketing tool.
  7. We install Move-In Certified Signs that attract potential buyers.
  8. It is a gesture of forthrightness on the part of the Seller.
  9. It helps relief any unwarranted suspicions from a prospective buyer.
  10. I helps prevent 11th hour renegotiations.
  11. The report might encourage another potential buyer to waive their inspection once they see  how professional our report is.
  12. The report provides full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.
  13. The report is paid for by the seller which is less money out of pocket from a prospective buyer.
  14. The report might help in assisting with financing, especially in today's market where lender's are leary of "money pits."


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Inspector: Jeff Haynes

Phone: (704) 791-0318