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Examples of things we find

bathroom drain pipe broken, water pouring into cross base when bathroom sink is in use.

Missing insulation in attic & Vinyl siding not properly installed

Can you tell us what is wrong with this picture?
The building code official missed this one as well!
Call us if you want to know!

Beautiful kitchen, right? The problem is that there were no piers to support the center island
and as a result the floor has dropped 1/2 inch in two foot.
This is a million dollar home built by a premier builder and it gets worse...

Same home as above; moisture infiltrating into crawlspace will often lead to mold.
We had 28 pages on this home inspection report. This home was less than 9 months old!

We actually walk roofs, even two stories. Why? Because there are some things that you can not see with binoculars.
We counted almost a dozen exposed stables and nails, plus torn shingles.

More and more homes are using culture stone, the problem is that most installers do not
read the manufacturer instructions. A mistake like this is rarely caught until its too late
and by than you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Pull down door not properly insulated & HVAC duct work leaking in attic, resulting in loss of energy.

Missing insulation in wall, revealed through our infrared scan.

We have just scratched the surface of the problems we find with NEW homes, we know that your home is no different. We can not stress enough that builders (and even code officials) are not catching these mistakes. Consumer Reports ran an article in 2004 stating that 15% of new homes constructed have serious structural defects.

We are licensed builders and know from working with code officials that they are overwhelmed with inspection requests; more often than not they are on a jobsite for a few minutes and they're gone. We know for a fact that they are often looking for the most common mistakes that builders and subcontractors make and as a result things get overlooked as is evident by our inspection reports.

You as a home owner have to ask yourself does it make sense to hire to hire us to inspect your biggest investment. OR are you just going to take a chance and rely on your builder and his subcontractors to get it right?

Your home is one of your largest investments, call us to make sure it stays that way! Call us today at (704) 791-0318

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